An aspect-ratio Property for CSS

Aspecty is a CSS reprocessor that adds support for an aspect-ratio property using JS. This plugin allows you to define a desired aspect-ratio for an element, based on its rendered width on the page.

For any element with an aspect ratio defined, event listeners will be added to reprocess the styles on the following events:

By default, Aspecty will reprocess aspect ratios by watching the following events:

To run Aspecty whenever you want, use the aspecty.load() function in JS.

The aspect ratio property can be used in CSS with the property name --aspect-ratio and a ratio, expressed as width and height as unitless numbers, separated by a slash /:

--aspect-ratio: width/height;

You can use it in CSS like this:

div {
  background: lime;
  --aspect-ratio: 16/9;

Aspecty will look through the document for any element matching the selector (in this case div) and create a new rule with a height value calculated based on each matching element’s offsetWidth divided by the aspect ratio defined in CSS.

To animate the effect of the --aspect-ratio property, which is actually applying via height, it is necessary to set a transition on the height property like this:

transition: height .2s ease-in-out;

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