CSS Reprocessing Terminology

CSS Reprocessor

Software that processes (or reprocesses on an as-needed basis) CSS code in the browser after the page loads.

Element Queries

Element queries are scoped styles with responsive breakpoints set to properties of the individual elements they are styling.


A meta-selector describes the relationship between the element in the scope of a scoped style and elements around it in the DOM.

Scoped Styles

Scoped styles refer to three ideas: - stylesheets that depend on logic to apply (container queries) - styles that apply only to elements that pass a test (element queries, scoped styles) - the ability to use JavaScript properties of elements for styling purposes (scoped values, scoped units)

Selector Resolver

A Selector Resolver is a selector that depends on a test (usually in JavaScript) to determine which elements in the document a style should apply to.

Virtual Stylesheet

A <style> tag that contains the rendered output of a stylesheet comprised of JavaScript logic in addition to CSS, with recalculations triggered by events happening in the browser.